Research Promotion Policy

  • A Research Committee, Comprising College Managing Board, Principal, Research Committee Coordinator, Dean of Arts, and Dean of Science have constituted.
  • The College Promote the research culture through consistently motivating the faculty to undertake Minor / Major Research Projects funded by both the Government (UGC, ICSSR, CSIR, DST) and the Non-Governmental Agencies.
  • The College recognize the achievement of faculty involved in projects / sponsored seminars through Appreciation Certificates and Shields.
  • The College honours and motives the Ph.D Guides, Doctorates, paper presenters, Editors of Books with prizes to achieve more.
  • The Institution provides support in timely administrative decisions to enable faculty to submit project proposals and approach funding agencies for mobilizing resources for research.
  • The College encourages the faculty members and the research scholars to publish their articles in the house on-line Journal “GTN Multidisciplinary Bi-annual Journal (ISSN : ). The link _________________________. The research scholars are charged no fee for their publication.
  • The College Provides Internet Connectivity to all departments to facilitate the researchers to access INFLIBNET, Sodhganga and other Digitalized Library.
  • The College Provides financial assistance to each department to organize seminars conferences and workshops.
  • The College takes initiatives towards collaboration with academic institutions, industries for training, faculty exchange and resource sharing activities, among others.
  • The College encourages curriculum extension interface, as an educational value, through extension services by students.
  • In order to show the research acumen of the institution, research centres of the college are motivated to do consultancy services. The revenue generated shall be shared in the ratio of 60:40 between the teacher and the institution.
  • The institution has a code of Ethics to check malpractices and plagiarism in Research.


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