General Conduct Of Students

1)   Every student should show physical orderliness like clean and decent dress and good behavior.

2)   Every student shall greet the teachers when he / she meets them for the first time during the day.

3)   When a teacher enters the class room the students shall stand up and remain standing till the teacher takes his / her seat. Similarly they shall rise up and remain standing when he / she leaves the room.

4)   No student shall leave the class room without permission or until the teacher has left the room.

5)   Students are required to spend their leisure hour in the reading room. They shall not loiter on the verandas or the college campus or disturb other classes at work. Students shall not make any noise while moving from class to class.

6)   All motor vehicles / two wheelers of Students must be parked in the shed near the college entrance gate. Cycles must be parked in the cycle shed provided in the college. Riding on vehicles inside the college is prohibited and those who violate will be severely penalised.

7)   No student shall on any account enter the college office without permission.

8)   Students are expected to read the notices displayed on the college Notice Boards.Ignorance of any notice thus displayed will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with them.

9)   No notice of any kind shall be circulated among the students or displayed on the notice board without the approval of the Principal.

10)   All are prohibited from smoking and use of intoxicants anywhere in the college campus.

11)   Students are forbidden from misusing the blackboards and whiteboards in the class rooms and disfiguring the walls in the college campus by writing or painting on them. Those who violate will be severely punished.

12)   Students are forbidden from organising without permission any meeting in the college or collecting money for any purpose.

13)   Though bus facilities are available, students are advised to make their own arrangements so as to be punctual to the classes.

14)   Eve teasing and ragging are punishable offences as per Tamilnadu Government orders.